Property Management Software Features

Discover Condo Control Central’S All-In-One Communication & Tracking System Built Exclusively For Condominiums

  • Communication
  • Record Keeping
  • Security And Concierge



Online Condo Discussion Forum

The forum module allows your owners to participate in moderated, online discussions, regarding topics that are important to your condo community.


Manage Condo Service Requests Online

Online service requests ensure easy tracking and follow up. Owners can enter their own requests ensuring communication is clear and concise.


Online File Library Feature

Condo Control Central provides unlimited storage, for the corporation’s important documents. Such as by-laws, rules, minutes, financial statements, and more…


Online Events Calendar

This feature will allow your owners to track on-site events in one location. The system sends automatic email notices to keep your owners and residents informed.


Build a Public Website for Your Condo

With Condo Control Central you have the ability to set up a website for community access. It includes your own domain ie:


Condo Announcements Made Easy

Spend less time printing and mailing, send announcements and documents by email. Condo Control Central makes it easy to track and manage lists.

Record Keeping

Purchase Orders For Your Condo

The approval and fulfillment process can be a very time-consuming process, it doesn’t have to be. With our Purchase Order feature, you can generate purchase orders with ease.


Online Condo Status Certificates

Now your owners can order status certificates online, pay using a credit card, and receive their completed status certificate by email.


Condo Maintenance Tracking

The Condo Control Central maintenance tracking module allows you track and store all of your maintenance activities in one location.

Online Store for your Condo

By setting up an online store within Condo Control Central, owners and residents can place orders quickly, securely and at their own leisure.


Task Tracking Feature

Through flexible tracking options, Condo Control Central helps make sure tasks are followed up in a timely manner.


Amenity Booking Sofware for Condos

Managing amenity bookings can be very time consuming. Condo Control Central ensures no more lost or double bookings, all managed with a few clicks of a mouse.

Security And Concierge


Permission To Enter

This feature allows your concierge/security personnel to track authorized entry to a unit when the owner or resident is away.


Package Tracking Software Feature For Condos

The package tracking feature keeps a log of all packages received by the front desk, and can record the signature upon pick up.


Online Security Log Management

“Pass On Log”, “Communication Log”, “Shift Log”. We’ve taken this basic but important communication tool and brought it online.


Incident Report Management for Condos

Condo Control Central’s incident reports, record all incident details, allowing easy referencing later, and keeps an official record of exactly what happened.


Key Tracking

Condo Control Central makes it easy to track and retrieve checked out keys, right from the concierge desk.


Visitor Parking Management

Let Condo Control Central help you take control, with either a fully paperless option, or by using printed parking permits.

Discover Condo Control Central’s all-in-one communication & tracking system built exclusively for condominiums