Condo Announcements Made Easy


Communicating with condo owners and residents within your condo community is often a difficult task. One mode of communication isn’t enough to reach the majority of intended recipients. Increase your reach with use of Email, Voice, Text, Lobby Display and Push notifications.

Save money on printing by distributing your condo community announcements faster electronically.

The announcement feature allows you to:

  • Improve communication within your condo community quickly and effortlessly.
  • Reach more residents faster, crucial in times of emergency.
  • Compose one announcement that can be sent via one or a combination of our communication methods.
  • Select from recipient groups or complete a mass mail out.
  • Track delivery results, to determine which mode of communication is working for what residents.
  • Reduce the need for paper notices

Our clients use the announcement feature to tell their condo owners about topics like:

  • The parking garage will be closed for cleaning

  • The windows are being cleaned, remember to close your blinds

  • To remind condo owners to submit their proxies before an upcoming AGM

Create a more connected and cohesive condo community instantly with better communication.

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