Task Tracking Feature

Seamlessly Track all Board Meeting Tasks

Because, forgotten follow-ups are a common problem. You probably know the situation all too well: at the last board meeting, a board member requested a particular action. The property manager made a note of it, and said “no problem, I’ll look after it!” Yet by the time the next meeting rolls around, the task has been forgotten and there is no progress… the item may have even fallen off of the agenda completely.

This is a frustrating situation for both board members and property managers, but it doesn’t have to happen this way.

With Condo Control Central’s task tracking, you can be sure your tasks will not disappear and will be followed up. The task tracking capability offers you the following options:

  • Track an unlimited number of tasks in Condo Control Central
  • Each task has a unique ID number assigned to avoid confusion and make it easier to refer to a particular task
  • Email notices are sent whenever a task is assigned or updated
  • Individual board members can “follow” all updates for a particular task (all followers receive all email updates)
  • The full history of the task (as well as updates) is tracked in the system
  • The ability to attach documentation (PDFs, Word Files, Excel files, etc) to a task
  • Condo Control Central provides both summary and detailed reports that can be printed or exported to PDF, Word or Excel formats

Managers that use our task tracking feature you will no longer have to worry about the uncomfortable question, “What ever happened to…?” And board members who use it will never need to ask the question!


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