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Accept all major credit cards or cheque

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The system automatically attaches common documents eg. bylaws

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An email notification automatically goes to property management advising that there is a new request

Get a status certificate online

We have eliminated the need for condo owners to manually go to the building or wait days to get their status certificate mailed. With our online certificate feature, condo buyers need to simply complete a form and payment online to receive their status certificate. They will get notified instantly when the status certificate is ready. Then within a short period, they will receive their status certificate.

Streamlines the status certificate process for property management

It no longer needs to be a hassle for property managers to prepare a status certificate for a condo buyer. Property management can simply accept payments for the status certificate online without the need for a certified check. Once the payment has been received they can easily prepare the status certificated documents and sent it to the buyer online.

Cuts down on cost and labour

By switching to our online status certificate feature, property management can cut down on the cost and labour involved in the process. When the status certificated is completed, property management no longer needs to coordinate pick up or delivery with the buyer since everything is done online. They also save money on the cost of mailing the documents

All status certificate records are stored centrally

A status certificate usually consists of a lot of documents, and It can be a hassle storing them then retrieving them when needed. We store all your status certificates centrally, and they will always be available for retrieval when you are ready to use them. No need to dig through mountains of paper to retrieve a unit’s status certificate.

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