Permission To Enter

Access and Track Who Has Permission To Enter Which Unit

Condo Control Central allows you to track these records online. The process works like this:

  • Enter all relevant information online, from anywhere, for security and concierge to access instantaneously
  • The resident always has the option of revising or revoking an authorization at any time
  • When the authorized person (contractor, cleaning staff, etc.) present themselves at the front desk asking to enter a particular unit, the guard can quickly pull up all authorizations for that unit
  • The security guard records the identification details for the individual before letting them into the unit
  • Later on, when the authorized person is ready to leave, the guard locks the unit and records this in the system

Grant permission to enter to:

  • Deliveries

  • Repairs done by contractors

  • Cleaning staff

  • Neighbours or relatives while on vacation

Condo Control Central provides a full record of all authorizations and entries so that if there are ever questions, you can easily look back and view the full history.


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