Condo Maintenance Tracking

Your Condo’s Updated Maintenance Activities, All in One Spot

Keeping on top of maintenance is a constant challenge for many condos. In a given month there may be dozens of different activities that need to be carried out. And some, like fire or elevator inspections can carry stiff penalties if they are not done on schedule.

Other important information, like maintenance records and logs, can be invaluable. If a piece of equipment fails but staff doesn’t know whether it’s still under warranty, then your condo may bear the cost of replacing equipment unnecessarily.

Condo Control Central’s maintenance tracking modules allows you to:

  • Organize your equipment into a series of systems (such as HVAC, Life Safety, or Elevators)
  • Each system can then be broken down into components; for example, an HVAC system might contain chillers, boilers, a make-up air unit, and more
  • Track and schedule as many maintenance activities as your building needs
  • For each activity you can attach files (such as a PDF of a log or inspection report)
  • Attach files to all activities
  • Automatic reminders for upcoming maintenance activities.

All of this means that your maintenance activities are secure, organized and accessible to anyone who needs to see them. Searching and looking up history is much easier than reviewing the same information that was logged on paper.


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