Incident Report Management for Condos

Securely Record Incident Details With Our Incident Report Feature

Security guards are responsible for recording details of any incidents they encounter on their patrols and on the job. From mundane items like broken lights or a scuff on the wall, to critical incidents that involve police, fire or paramedics. All of these incidents need to be recorded in clear detail so that the condo has an accurate record of what happened.

Condo Control Central’s incident report feature allows you to record all relevant incident details so they can be referenced later as the official record of what happened.

There are several benefits to using our incident reporting feature:

  • Track all details of an incident, from which units were involved, to whether police were called, to which officer responded to the scene
  • Guards can attach documents or images, such as screen captures from a surveillance camera
  • Each incident report allows the entry of an unlimited amount of text
  • Email notifications are automatically generated when a new incident report is entered
  • Establish an unlimited number of incident categories for reporting purposes
  • Search for incident reports by keyword, name, date, or unit number
  • Incident reports can be printed in an easy-to-read format

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