Feature Updates October 2021

Date Published : Oct-01-2021

Written By : Kim Brown

Now that the dog days of summer are behind you, does it feel like you’re working overtime all of the time? We understand how much work goes into managing a condo or HOA community, and how much busier things get as we approach the end of another calendar year.

Our newest features and updates were designed to help you work more efficiently and productively. They’re sure to save you some time, and simplify day-to-day operations.    


Short-Term Rentals Feature

Condo Control has built a module that allows users to register short-term rental guests. This feature allows management to track short-term stays and implement a system for regulating temporary rentals.  

Our team has significantly improved the flow of this feature since it was released. Admins have access to special setup, additional reporting data, a tab to track stay details for units, and a simplified registration page that is sent to renters.


Violation Tracking with Geolocation

Our violation tracking feature is very popular with HOAs. It gives managers the ability to stay on top of all violations that occur in their community. Create different violation types, use our preloaded templates, and receive responses from owners directly through the platform. Everything is done online, which means no more paper pileups.

Management can create, issue and update violations using the Condo Control mobile app. Take advantage of the geolocation addition to see where you are in real time. It’s just like using Google Maps, except you can see which homes or units in your community have outstanding violations to take care of. Violations displayed on the interactive map are color-coded, making it easy to identify ones that are past due.


Improvement to Violation Payments

Owners who are issued violation fines can also pay through Condo Control. It is a simple and convenient option. Now, when someone goes to make a payment, all mandatory fields for violation payments will be automatically prepopulated after the owner gets to the payment page.


New Sequence Setting for Security Patrols

Security and concierge have their own set of features to help them with assisting visitors, managing parking and parcels, and keeping the property safe. Patrol Points is part of that package. The cloud-based guard tour system gives security staff the ability to conduct patrols using the mobile app and their smartphone.  

Once the physical NFC checkpoints are in place, management can set and rearrange patrol routes as needed. Our new setting allows authorized users to choose whether guards must complete patrols in order, or if they can scan the tags in any sequence.


QuickBooks Online Integration

Cut down on manual data entry and automate transaction information for your community. Condo Control integrates with QuickBooks Online to provide you with a comprehensive accounting and data management solution.

Usernames, addresses, phone numbers, and transactions are automatically synced from QuickBooks to Condo Control. Our integration with QuickBooks means changes and updates made to owner or resident profiles on one platform are also reflected on the other.  

We can be found on the QuickBooks App Store, too!

We hope some of these new changes and additions will help you achieve your 2021 goals. Thanks for reading this October update.

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