Condominium Management Tools

Tools For Self-Managed Condos

Advances in property management technology are making it easier than ever to run a self-managed condo. While a condo manager is still an essential part of a large condo, many smaller condos prefer to self-manage. In self-managed condos, the manager role still exists. But instead of having a full-time manager,…

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Condo Odors

Making A Stink About Condo Odours | Managing Condo Smells

Odour is a point of contention in any shared space, condos are no exception. Whether they come from individual units or common areas, strong smells affect everyone. We take a look at managing some of the most common condo odours tenants are raising a stink about.   Cooking What smells…

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Condo Records Software

Improving Condo Record Keeping

Record keeping is an essential task for any condo, and it can be a real headache. With so many documents to keep, track, and share, it’s a challenge to keep organized. Fortunately, there are ways to improve condo record keeping.   Types of Records In condo record keeping the paperwork…

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Condo Maintenance Tracking

Managing The Most Common Condo Service Requests

Handling condo service requests is an important part of condo management. It’s important to handle requests in a timely, cost-efficient, and reliable manner.

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Electric Vehicle Charging Station Condos

Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

As electric cars become more common, the demand for charging stations is increasing. Electric cars are mostly used by people who live and work in or near cities, which makes up a large portion of condo owners. Parking is already one of the toughest challenges in managing shared condo spaces.…

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Marijuana Legalization in Condos

Managing Cannabis Legislation in Condos

  Changing cannabis legislation in Canada, and an increasing number of US states, is putting pressure on condo managers and boards for tighter regulation. Residents and owners are concerned about how legalization will affect their lifestyle and property value. We examine a few of the biggest concerns and some of…

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Condo Conflict Management

Resolving Disputes Between Condo Neighbours

Everyone wants to live in a stress-free environment. Unfortunately, even in cases where condo owners and residents are well aware of the rules and regulations, there will be times when disputes between condo neighbours are unavoidable. Such situations can quickly escalate, becoming frustrating not only for the residents involved but…

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Choose a Property Management Company

How To Choose A Property Manager/Management Company

Choosing the right property manager or property management company for your condo is a crucial task; after all, their role includes being responsible for the property’s daily operations. From enforcing rules and regulations to arranging for inspections, communicating with the board, and more. All of which will impact resident and…

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Condo Board Tips

How To Be A More Effective Condo Board Member | Tips & Tricks

From repairs and upgrades, to budgets, rules and regulations, the board of directors is crucial to ensure that everything runs smoothly. Essentially, without a board, owning a condo can turn into a nightmare. There is no doubt that being a board member can be challenging and frustrating at times, but…

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Condo Parking

Managing Shared Condo Spaces, Facilities, and Amenities

In a condo community, sharing is the source of a lot of frustration and challenges. Is someone hogging all the parking visitor parking, leaving messes in shared spaces, or using up the party room all the time? How do you prevent these problems from occurring? Booking Approvals Visitor Parking Key…

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Condo Pet Policy

Keeping Pets From Being Pests: Managing A Pet-Friendly Condo

Running a pet-friendly condo can have a lot of benefits. It’s a selling point for people and families with pets, and pets can add a positive atmosphere to the condo. But there are potential problems, like smells, allergies, noise and messes. It can be a lot to manage. Despite the…

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Condo Approvals

How to Streamline Condo Board Approvals

Every condo board struggles with approvals. The process can be slow and often frustrating. Whether you need to reach quorum at annual general meetings or make quick decisions, you need to find a way to streamline condo board approvals. The best way to speed up approvals is through user-friendly online…

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Property Management Tips

Improving Condo Security | Property Management Tips

Improving Condo Security Property Management Tips Condo security is an important concern for property management. The happiness of the condo community and the value of the property are directly tied to safety and security. Fortunately, you can easily improve condo security with these property management tools and tips. Locks and…

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Environmentally-Friendly Condo

How Condo Managers Decrease Costs By Going Green

How Condo Managers Decrease Costs By Going Green Condo managers are getting in the black by going green. Green strategies improve property value, decrease operational costs, and improve efficiency. In this article, we provide tips on how to reduce costs of your building by going green. Consumer Desire for Sustainability…

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Condo Maintenance Systems

Spring Cleaning Tips For Condo Managers | Condo Maintenance Software

Spring Cleaning Tips For Condo Managers | Condo Maintenance Software Spring cleaning isn’t just for condo owners and residents, it’s for condo managers as well. Spring is the busiest season for condo maintenance. We help you simply spring cleaning with our tips and condo maintenance software tools.   Common Spring…

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key tracking tool

Condo Key Tracking Software | Never Lose A Key Again

Condo Key Tracking Software | Never Lose A Key Again Lost condo keys are a common problem. At best, they’re a headache, at worst, a security risk. As a result, condo managers are always on the lookout for better key tracking solutions. Replacing keys and locks can be time-consuming and…

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Managing Condo Guests

Managing Condo Visitors Made Easy

Managing Condo Visitors Made Easy Managing Condo Visitors Made Easy Whether family members, friends, delivery staff, or repairmen, there is no doubt that condos have a high traffic of visitors throughout the day (and night). Fortunately, the ideal condo management software will provide user-friendly tools to assist residents and visitors…

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Managing Multiple Properties | Condo Manager Strategies

Managing Multiple Properties | Condo Manager Strategies It is well known that the daily operations of most condos rely on condo managers. What most people don’t realize is how common it is for condo managers to manage multiple properties. Keeping a condo running and well-maintained is expensive.   As a…

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How To Cash In On Property Management Apps

Condos are earning/saving more with mobile property management apps, how can you get in on it? Property management software is always changing, and always for the better – making your life easier by increasing efficiency, from the way documents are handled and tracked to communications between board members, management, owners,…

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A Property Management Software Refresher

A Property Management Software Refresher Are you getting the most out of your online property management software? A recap of property management tools that simplify management tasks -Common misuses, tips, and tools that may be underused. Property management software is developed and kept up to date in order to improve…

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Simplify Property Management

Simplify Property Management Running Condos Smarter With Online Property Management Tools There is nothing like saying goodbye to filing cabinets full of paperwork. Having to manually keep track of invoices, incident reports, receipts, and other types of paperwork is a thing of the past – thanks to online property management.…

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Condo Boards Are Demanding Online Property Management

Condo Boards Are Demanding Online Property Management How online property management and property management apps benefit condo boards Every condo owner wants to protect their investment. It’s easy enough manage your own unit, but a board of directors is still needed.  They ensure all condo owners (and residents) follow the…

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How to Pick the Best Property Manager Software for Condos

How to Pick the Best Property Manager Software for Condos Condo management doesn’t have to be overwhelming. In fact, you should be able to perform a number of tasks with a few clicks on your screen. The benefits of using property management software for condos are endless. Yes, new technology…

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Mobile Condo Management: Why You Need It Now

Mobile Condo Management: Why You Need It Now Mobile Condo Management: Why You Need It Now Property management is a changing industry. The role of the condo manager has evolved in recent years to be much more demanding and involved. As the roles change, so to does the technology. Today,…

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Improve Your Condo Communication Management

Improve Your Condo Communication Management Communication is the Cornerstone of Condo Management Improving your condo communication management benefits everyone in the condo community. Residents and employees alike get higher satisfaction and quality through better communication services. All-In-One Property Management Tools The best property management tools to improve communication are all-in-one…

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The Future of Condo Management

The Future of Condo Management Managing residential properties is an increasingly complex juggling act. This is especially true of condo management. You need to balance the intricacies of managing a high rise building, with those of managing homes. It is a high volume, high traffic, and high-stress endeavour. Successful companies…

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Work Smarter With Paperless Condo Management Software

Work Smarter With Paperless Condo Management Software Condo management companies are going paperless. And it’s not just making them greener, it’s making them more efficient and more profitable. Condo management has long been an industry that is paper-dependent. Faxes, invoices, reports, and endless filing meant heavy paperwork. It also meant…

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How Automated Property Management Saves Time & Money

How Automated Property Management Saves Time & Money How Automated Property Managment Can Save You Time & Money Automation is the driving force behind the future of property management. Automation streamlines processes to save time and money. This is making digital property management platforms, like Condo Control Central, a favourite amongst…

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Property Management In The Digital Age

Adapting to Property Management in 2017 The condo industry is booming in the digital era. New buildings, new technology, and a new generation of tenants have been introduced. The best commercial property management comes from teams that have adapted to the modern age. The evolution of property management software is…

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Six Tips for Reaching Quorum at Your Next AGM

The Annual General Meeting is considered the most important meeting of the entire year for many organizations and this is no different when it comes to Condominium Corporations. Not only is it a legal requirement under the Condominium Act, it is also a forum where Corporations conduct important business. However,…

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