The benefits of strata management software

More than 1.5 million people live in stratas in British Columbia. Homeowners and residents are drawn to stratas because they often cost less than single-family homes, and they offer perks like shared amenities and routine maintenance. Unlike condos, stratas are governed by the detailed provincial Strata Property Act. That means each strata must follow a structured […]

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10 ways to be a successful community association manager

Most community associations don’t have the time or expertise needed to manage their assets, oversee day-to-day operations, and maintain regular communication with owners. That’s why they hire a community association manager to take care of all the different aspects involved in preserving the value and harmony of their property.  If you want to become a […]

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Top 5 HOA management software : A comprehensive guide – 2021

Work smarter, not harder. That’s what HOA management software aims to help board members and property managers do. At its core, HOA management software automates repetitive processes, streamlines day-to-day operations, and creates better, more structured systems that benefit everyone who lives and works in the community. When designed well and used correctly, HOA management software […]

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Which Condo Management Software do I Choose? The Problem with Free

Property management software systems were designed to make work easier for condo boards and property managers, and make condo living better for residents. Most software systems target three common issues: communications, operations and record-keeping. Some also have problem-solving features for security and concierge, and accounting. There are dozens of products to choose from, and while […]

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Answers to Common Questions about HOA Estoppel Letters

When owners move out of an HOA, they will have some added responsibilities before they can say a final goodbye to the neighbourhood. Different communities have different moving requirements; some may ask owners to complete a home inspection, transfer documents, or hand over other paperwork before transferring ownership. If an owner owes money to the […]

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5 property management trends and goals for 2021

Happy New Year! 2020 was a year we will all remember well, but most of us hope history won’t repeat itself in 2021. Not surprisingly, the property management industry has experienced a great deal of uncertainty after COVID-19 began infecting people, and property managers have had to respond quickly to unexpected challenges. But despite these […]

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Effectively managing a strata

Much like condo corporations, some strata corporations elect to hire a property manager for their community. Property managers are generally responsible for managing a community’s daily operations and carrying out policies established by the strata council. They work hard to ensure the development runs smoothly, and that lines of communication between council members and owners […]

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Importance of a property management checklist

Property managers are expected to do a lot. When they say they are busy, that’s almost certainly an understatement. From ensuring units are rented or sold, to creating a communication system for the condo or HOA, to collecting fees and payments, property managers take on multiple responsibilities to ensure their community is at its best.Every […]

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Work orders for condos/HOAs

Work orders are crucial to keeping track of work that must be completed in a condo or HOA. A work order helps associations and maintenance professionals keep track of what maintenance work is required, how long it should take, approximately how much the job will cost, and what materials are required to complete the job.Work […]

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Creating a property management inspection checklist

There’s no substitute for a thorough property inspection. Property managers are expected to perform routine inspections so that they know the condos or HOAs they are responsible for managing, are in good order. Download our property management inspection checklist template   Things break, day-to-day use takes a toll on appliances, floors, windows, and toilets. If […]

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A community association management guide

When you purchase a home within a planned community such as a condominium complex, an apartment building or a gated estate, you automatically become a member of the community association.  A community association is there to provide operational structure and manage the affairs of the overall community. Among the duties of a community, the association […]

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