Creating a homeowners association violation letter

If you live in or manage a homeowners association, you know that there are pages of rules to follow. At some point, whether on purpose or by accident, someone will break one of those rules. When this happens, the board of directors must try to help the owner correct the behaviour or action so that […]

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Resolving Strata Complaints

When talking about strata council members’ roles and responsibilities, there is almost always an emphasis placed on the requirement to enforce the bylaws and rules. Rule enforcement, while not something council members look forward to, is a critical part of maintaining a safe and enjoyable environment for the people who live in the strata. If […]

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What to do when residents repeatedly break condo rules

Every condo community is required to operate according to its rules and bylaws. Owners, tenants and visitors are all expected to follow them. And while they may feel burdensome at times, rules help promote the safety of owners, and prevent unreasonable interference to the use and enjoyment of the building, common elements, and individual units. […]

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Who can be a condo board member?

In 2017, news broke that a group of Toronto condo board members conspired to divert hundreds of thousands of dollars from a building’s operating budget into their own pockets. The group posed as condo owners, forged ballots and managed to take control of a condo board in 2016. Some of these individuals had allegedly infiltrated as many […]

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