Property Management Template

Property managers have an endless list of responsibilities to take care of. From marketing their client’s property to working with board members to enforce rules, to scheduling maintenance repairs, a property manager doesn’t have much time to waste.There’s a lot of paperwork that comes with managing a condo or HOA association, which ironically, takes up […]

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Condo association communication standards

Do you have a system for communicating with your condo community? If not, you may want to take some time to create one. Communication standards are important in any workplace, and condo associations are no different. People who have never had to manage a condo don’t understand how challenging the role can be, and they […]

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Choosing the right condo communication system

If you’ve been looking for a communication system for your condo, you already know that there are a lot of options to choose from. But more is not always better when you’re trying to find the best option.The truth is, there may be more than one great communication system option for your condo association. It […]

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Effective HOA communication tools

Good communication goes a long way. It is the foundation of any happy HOA. When there is clear and effective communication between homeowners and management, it has a positive impact on the overall wellbeing of the association. Conversely, when owners don’t receive the information they need, they can feel lost and left out.During emergencies such […]

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Tips for writing emails about COVID-19: A guide for condos and HOAs

COVID-19 has rapidly transformed the way that we work and live. Social distancing has become the new normal, meaning we have to find alternative ways to communicate with each other. During this turbulent time, residents are looking to condo and HOA leaders and managers for guidance. If you are in a leadership position, you have […]

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Tracking maintenance requests

Property managers can count on creating maintenance requests. Sometimes they can even plan for scheduled maintenance repairs, however, they can’t always plan for exactly when an elevator will break down or a gate will stop working. Maintaining a condo or HOA could easily be a full-time job, but that is just one of the many […]

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HOA website; Does your community need one?

Back in the day, when a homeowner was unhappy about something they would type up letters, knock on doors, and hand-deliver their notes to board members. They might even post fliers in the building elevators, or slide them under owners’ doors.HOA board members would have to physically collect dues, and communicate through physical bulletin boards […]

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10 tips on marketing your property management company

Are you looking to add more clients to your property management portfolio? It has never been easier than it is today to market and scale your business, thanks to the wide array of marketing tools available. However, this also means that consumers have an unlimited variety of options to choose from. That’s why it’s important […]

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Advantages of having a condo website and how to market it

A condo association website is a great resource for the association’s internal community. It makes it easier for CAs to create a sense of belonging for members, and it fosters quick and efficient communication. Being available online can also boost the condo’s profile to reach a global audience. You can use it as a platform […]

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A Condo Association Guide

Part of what makes condo living so attractive is the fact that you’re moving into a well-managed and connected community. But, this doesn’t happen by accident. Successful condo buildings and complexes are managed by an organized body known as the condo association.   What is the condo association? This association is an organization with a […]

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Improving Condo Record Keeping

Record keeping is an essential task for any condo, and it can be a real headache. With so many documents to keep, track, and share, it’s a challenge to keep organized. Fortunately, there are ways to improve condo record keeping.   Types of Records In condo record keeping the paperwork piles up easily. There are […]

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How to Streamline Condo Board Approvals

Every condo board struggles with approvals. The process can be slow and often frustrating. Whether you need to reach quorum at annual general meetings or make quick decisions, you need to find a way to streamline condo board approvals. The best way to speed up approvals is through user-friendly online condo board software. Taking advantage […]

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Improve Your Condo Communication Management

Communication is the Cornerstone of Condo Management Improving your condo communication management benefits everyone in the condo community. Residents and employees alike get higher satisfaction and quality through better communication services. All-In-One Property Management Tools The best property management tools to improve communication are all-in-one online services. Being all-in-one is less expensive than buying multiple […]

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