HOA welcome letters and packets

HOA welcome packets can help new owners feel more at home, but there’s much more to a good packet than a nice letter and list of rules.    Welcome packets allow associations to showcase the best of the development, including amenities and perks of living in the community, while creating a positive experience and making […]

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Templates for Managing Strata Corporations

To manage a strata well, you need efficient processes and procedures in place. There are meetings to prepare for, fees to collect and maintenance issues to fix. And who could forget about all of that paperwork! These recurring tasks can easily take up much of your valuable time, especially if you start from scratch each […]

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Homeowner association newsletter ideas

Some HOAs may be skeptical about launching or reviving a newsletter. “No one reads it.” “It’s too much work.” “We can’t afford it.” We’ve heard all of these concerns before, and they are valid points. But, a well-written, well-designed newsletter can be both affordable and engaging. This article aims to give you some original ideas […]

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Strata meetings and agendas

Spontaneity is not often wanted or welcomed when it comes to strata corporation meetings. Agendas help ensure meetings are carried out in an organized, systematic manner. They also enable strata council members to properly prepare for questions or issues that will take precedence during the meeting. When strata owners are sent an official notice of […]

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Strata council meeting minutes

Take note! The Strata Property Act has specific requirements for strata meetings. These requirements help guide strata corporations when they are conducting important business, and ensure they govern themselves democratically. Minutes of strata council meetings are part of this regulated process. Minutes must be taken. Furthermore, they must be available for review two weeks after […]

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A Homeowner association’s guide to choosing a website host

A website is a simple yet effective way to keep your HOA connected and informed. A clean, accessible website allows owners to easily locate HOA news, announcements, resources such as forms or surveys, member directories, and more. It may also serve as an effective marketing tool and can attract buyers to your community. Almost every HOA […]

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The role of the president’s report in a condo AGM

The annual general meeting (AGM), also known as an annual meeting, is arguably the most important meeting for condo communities. Members are elected to serve on the board of directors. Owners are given an opportunity to hear about the corporation’s financial health, projects, and other significant issues. In short, an AGM is a meeting where […]

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HOA surveys: Collecting feedback from your community

An association is the sum of its members. While the board of directors is charged with upholding specific responsibilities, the fate of the association ultimately lies in the hands of the owners.In order to operate at its best, an HOA needs funding, and most of that money comes from owners. These community members also must […]

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4 ways to use Tableau to improve condo/HOA operations

The numbers don’t lie. Condos and HOAs need numbers to understand essential things like profits and losses, as well as more complex issues such as scheduling maintenance repairs for equipment. Numbers provide boards with concrete facts, and help them make informed decisions for their community. Instead of acting on a hunch, they can act on […]

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Tips for managing HOA architectural change requests

When trying to decide if an architectural change request should be approved, an HOA will generally look to the association’s architectural standards to help them make a fair and subjective decision.Every HOA board has a fiduciary duty to do what’s best for the entire association, not just one member, which is why a request to paint a […]

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Managing requests made by residents

When a dishwasher breaks, or a leak is discovered, condo corporations and HOAs usually have to figure out who should be responsible for making the repair. If the property is rented, then the landlord or owner is generally responsible for fixing the problem. If a resident has purchased the home, then they are likely responsible […]

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Communication tools all condos should have

What’s the best way to reach hundreds of condo residents all at once? This is a question that many property managers and boards struggle with. Condo communities work best when there is a continuous exchange of information, but communicating with hundreds of people can be pretty challenging. Fortunately, there are some useful communication tools that […]

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HOA communication strategies

At its simplest, an HOA is a governing structure for a planned community. It takes care of certain items, in exchange for a fee, and maintains the atmosphere and value of the community.An HOA also creates CC&Rs, bylaws, and rules and regulations that homeowners need to abide by. Rules are different for every community, but some common rules address […]

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