No Electronic Recording for Security

Our Security Guards use Paper Forms to Track Everything

    When your security guard uses paper records, it makes it very hard to organize, search, and retrieve recods. There are several problems with paper records:
    ✓ You must store and archive all the paper work
    ✓ Finding all activities for a certain suite over a period of time is very time consuming and involves digging through boxces of paper
    ✓ Is it too time consuming (and practically impossible) to pull information by type. For example, For example, how would you determine how many incidents involving police happened over the last 12 months?

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    ✓ Preparing records using standard tools (like Microsoft Word or Excel) offers some help, but still has significant shortcomings
    ✓ The records are typically store only on one computer and still are not fully searchable. And there is still no way to automatically create a summary of all activities over a period of time

    When your security guard uses Condo Control Central, all of these problems are solved for you so that you can spend your time on the more critical aspects of your business, like managing client relationships


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