Using Condo Control to Enhance and
Streamline Condo Security

Date Published: October 22, 2020

By: Phillip Livingston

Executive Summary

Muamer, the Director of Operations at Elite Residential Concierge, devotes a significant portion of his time and energy to reviewing current operational processes. Elite provides security and concierge services to a wide range of buildings around the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) that vary in size and in demographics. Muamer’s goal is to minimize inefficiencies for his clients and his company, and take on a larger share of the security and concierge market. Some recurring challenges that Muamer faced included not having full transparency between Elite and their clients, and an absence of strong digital data which the company could use to get ahead of future security breaches. Muamer and his team decided to partner with Condo Control Central (CCC) as it provided the functionalities, accessibility and flexibility required to run a more streamlined operation, and add value to their services. Since partnering with CCC, Muamer and the rest of the Elite team have overcome many of the challenges they faced when working with buildings that did not have a technology in place. This has also created a stronger value proposition for them when going to tender for buildings without software.

About Muamer

Muamer is the Director of Operations at Elite Residential Concierge, Toronto. He has been working in the security industry for over ten years. Muamer creates many of the procedures for the day-to-day operations of Elite, and manages a portfolio of condo buildings in downtown Toronto. Muamer works tirelessly to provide Elite Residential Concierge clients with a level of service and security that promotes a safe, transparent and frictionless environment.

Background Information

Elite Residential Concierge is a boutique condominium concierge and security company. Their core objective is to provide premium level services to condominiums in the greater Toronto area. They have been keeping condo communities safe since 2015. Currently serving 72 corporations (with plans to grow), Elite literally works around the clock and provides security services 24/7. They have a large workforce of security professionals in order to maintain their high level of client service. To help Elite stay organized and ahead of the curve, technology has always been integrated into how they operate. From head office to on-site security staff, the use of functional technology is top of mind, which is imperative to remain competitive in this evolving industry.


In his current role, Muamer is always on the lookout for new processes and technologies that will help with day-to-day operations, as well as attract and retain clients. He is very familiar with the operational and security needs of all types of condo buildings. Some have embraced technology and others who are not quite there yet, but he is adamant about integrating technology into every building he works with because it has proven to help with productivity and security. In buildings with no software, Elite ran into the following issues:


Throughout Muamer’s career in the condo security industry, he has been exposed to almost every property management and security software platform. It was evident early on that implementing technology to assist in Elite’s security services should be an area of focus. Any program was better than no program. “We’ve been of the mind that you really need to incorporate technology in this industry to be really efficient,” explained Muamer. Elite often found that while going to tender for new clients, they either asked for software to be included, or their competitors offered one.


If a building didn’t already have a software in place, it made it difficult to document incidents and provide complete transparency to property management and board members alike.

Preventative Measures 

When providing security services to larger condos who did not use software, Elite found it challenging to identify and administer preventative measures. Without any solid records to refer to, it was very difficult to track patterns over time, and thus, come up with an informed preventative plan of action.

The Solution

With Condo Control Central as a partner, Elite Residential Concierge has access to a comprehensive security and concierge system that works for small and large condos. Having used various software platforms in the past, Muamer has found that CCC is easy to use, flexible and helps resolve or minimize some of the issues that other platforms hadn’t addressed. With this partnership, Elite has been able to address their challenges. Here’s how:

A dynamic software partner 

Having a concrete software partnership means Elite Residential Concierge now has a stronger value proposition when submitting a tender at buildings that currently do not use software, or who are looking to switch to a more robust software system. With a large workforce attending to various sites, it’s also beneficial to have staff using the software where possible. This reduces the need to train staff on multiple platforms. As Elite staff manage security for many different buildings, all with varying needs and processes, flexibility is important. Muamer is pleased to have the ability to provide feedback to CCC and see real changes to the system that continue to benefit Elite and the clients they serve. The combination of accessibility, flexibility and added value is what makes CCC stand out for Muamer. 

Digital Records (Incidents)

In an industry where there are many different stakeholders contributing to daily operations, digital records are extremely important in providing efficient management. By using Condo Control Central, Elite are able to document all incidents online instantly, and the appropriate parties are notified. If a resident or unit owner brings a concern to management about a security breach or other security issue, these digital records are easily accessible and a full history can be searched by date and time. An informed resolution can be made quickly, which is difficult to do if records are created by hand and kept on-site. Moreover, by having guards create security logs for their shifts, there is always a clear record of who took over from whom and what issues they encountered during their shift. This type of transparency allows guards and property management to be well informed and more proactive.


Having all records stored digitally, it is very easy to run insightful reports that will help with preventative measures. Elite regularly run reports on CCC to review trends or patterns that are occurring in their buildings as a way to identify possible security problems. For example, Muamer was able to utilize CCC’s reporting feature to analyze thefts in the past year at one of his buildings. It came to light that there were a lot of bike thefts in one particular area. From this report, they were able to take a closer look at why this spot was so vulnerable, and rectify the problem.

“We would never be able to resolve certain issues so quickly without having technology in place,” noted Muamer. “There’s a lot more information, it’s a lot more accessible, and it’s a lot more collaborative.”


The Elite Residential Concierge team has greatly benefited from the implementation of CCC in many of their buildings. Condo managers and board members love the software, too. Here’s how it has created positive changes for entire condo communities:


  • CCC is greatly increasing everybody’s productivity through easy access to information
  • The extra value CCC adds when going to tender makes Elite more competitive
  • Having a digital record of incidents and having the ability to systemically organize that information has really helped with preventative measures

Elite on-site Security Guards  

  • CCC has assisted greatly in the guards’ ability to monitor all visitors coming and going, making the community safer
  • Guards are always up-to-date with what is going on with detailed logs that can be shared and passed on

Property Management/ Board of Directors

  • Having software in place creates greater transparency and promotes better communication between property management, the board and the security team
  • The software has provided valuable statistics to help property management, the board and Elite Residential Concierge work together to come up with strategies to prevent future security breaches
Final Words

“Condo Control Central offers Elite Residential Concierge and the clients we serve extra value by providing us with a technology solution which has helped to streamline more processes and allowed guards to better safeguard their buildings.

Having a digital record of all information pertaining to the community and having the ability to organize this information provides fantastic insights into common security breaches or incidents, and it really helps with creating more preventative measures. Overall, the customer service and implementation stage has been great and I would confidently recommend other security companies to add Condo Control Central to their value proposition.”

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