Managing Violations More Effectively

Ke Kilohana

Location: Honolulu, Hawaii

Executive Summary 

Jennifer Polintan is an administrative assistant for Ke Kilohana community. She helps to keep things running smoothly for the 424-unit development in Hawaii. The community is new, but some small recurring problems have already begun to creep up. Jennifer and her team issued violations to residents in order to enforce condo rules, but used a process that wasn’t very effective. Condo Control’s Violation Tracking feature was the solution Ke Kilohana needed to update and simplify the violation tracking process.     


About Jennifer

Jennifer has been at Ke Kilohana for about three years. She is a friendly and attentive administrative assistant who enjoys working collaboratively with her colleagues. Residents appreciate that Jennifer always goes above and beyond to make their community experience better.      


Background Information

Ke Kilohana is a relatively new association located in beautiful Honolulu, Hawaii. There is a mix of renters in owners living in the community. Units range from one to three bedrooms. Ke Kilohana has a number of exceptional amenities including two signature “Sky Lanais,” a movie theatre, music studio, and bike and surfboard storage.


Ke Kilohana is a peaceful place to live. But, there are some minor issues, common to practically every association, that Jennifer and her colleagues needed to address. When residents broke the rules, an email would be sent to the offender. A copy of the email was printed out and stored in a file in an office. It was very challenging to keep track of outstanding violations using a paper record-keeping system.    



Violations are generally minor at Ke Kilohana, but they occur somewhat frequently considering how many residents live in the complex. The security team is often responsible for issuing violations. If they needed to follow up or review an outstanding violation, they’d need to find the physical document in the office. It was difficult for everyone to work collaboratively to stay on top of violations using the type of system.

Organizing Amenity Bookings 

Ke Kilohana has a lot of amenities. Without a digital booking system, managing bookings was a chore that took up hours and hours of time. 


The Solution

Jennifer and her team were using a local software system before they found Condo Control. They decided to make the switch because Condo Control had a lot of useful features, and it was within their budget.


Violation Tracking

Jennifer’s lead security guard handles the bulk of violations, but the entire security team found that Condo Control’s Violation Tracking feature has made the process much easier. Not only that, but Jennifer says she saves at least one to two hours each week with the digital feature. “Because it’s a faster process, I can also get [fine payments] to our management, who handles our building finances, in less time.”

Using Condo Control, Jennifer can see exactly when a new violation has been issued by the security team, as well as information about the type of violation, and if there is a due date for a resolution or payment. Since all the information is in one place, it’s drastically easier for everyone to track and systematically resolve violations.

The user-friendly platform gives the Ki Kilohana team data that it can use to make informed decisions about rule enforcement.

The image above showcases the violation activity for Ke Kilohana in 2021. Management and the board can see how many violations were created, how many are still open, and how long it usually takes to resolve issues.

They also have the option to view monthly violation activity, and can compare 2021 numbers to those from 2020 to see if violations are getting better or worse.

Violation data can be organized by type as well. Ke Kilohana residents commit parking infractions most often (41% of all violations). Jennifer says people will park in visitor parking overnight even though they’re not permitted to do this. The other recurring problem is residents who hang things on the outside of their doors, or leave shoes in the hallway (20% of all violations). Now that they have concrete numbers on violation types, the staff can focus on finding solutions to minimize these recurring infractions.   


Amenity Booking

Condo Control has an Amenity Booking feature which gave Ke Kilohana the ability to move their entire amenity booking process online. Residents can now book the amenity of their choosing by themselves, and no one has to worry about overcrowding. Management has control over everything from the length of timeslots to hours of operation, and can adjust settings on the backend as needed.  



“I really actually have fun doing the announcements,” shared Jennifer. “I like doing the graphics a lot, I post pictures.” Jennifer genuinely liked how it got easier to send messages to the entire community with Condo Control. The best part is that residents enjoy this communication feature too. Jennifer said she got comments from the residents about how much they liked the announcements she was sending out. It’s very easy for them to read messages from the platform, and they can even check messages from their phones. As a result, they’re more engaged and informed.  



Condo Control has modernized the violation tracking process for Ke Kilohana. The entire team is able to work together and implement a more efficient and systematic process for resolving infractions. 



  • Saves hours every month on administrative tasks
  • Is able to see and stay on top of violation resolution activity
  • Able to communicate with residents more frequently and effectively


  • Able to customize and analyze violation data
  • Better connected to the board and other staff members
  • Saves money and time using a system that streamlines operations


  • Can do more for themselves
  • Easier access to information and amenities
  • Have a clearer understanding of the rules and what happens if they are broken


Final Words

“It’s not hard to use Condo Control to the best of its ability. The team takes the things that we ask for seriously, and I’ve seen a lot of improvements and changes that have helped me be more efficient. With this platform, I can get my work done.”