The Palace - Case Study

The Palace Capture

Every condo community is made up of different demographics. With this comes various challenges and expectations from residents. This case study explores the issues faced at The Palace (home to a predominantly older generation of empty nester) from the perspective of the Property Manager

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"Overall, Condo Control Central has significantly improved many facets of The Palace. It has allowed me to manage the property better and created a greater sense of community for all who live here. Residents, security and concierge were all quick to adopt the system - it was simply a matter of educating them on how to use it and explaining how they will benefit from CCC. The results speak for themselves. I truly believe we would be seriously lacking efficiency if we had not brought in the Condo Control Central system. I am now able to provide a level of service I am proud of."

- Bill Bloxam, Property Manager of The Palace

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