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Prevent owners sneaking in additional vehicles and overstaying their allotted time

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Enforce time limits on parking spaces to make it fair for all residents

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Eliminate the ability for residents to hog visitor parking spaces

Residents can create visitor parking permits online

We eliminated the hassle of manually writing out visitor parking permits or residents needing to get visitor parking permits from a guard. Now everything can be done online. With our visitor parking feature, residents can create visitor parking passes from their desktop or mobile phones and simply print it off.

The ultimate parking protection with records of who is coming or going

Properties run into the issue of tracking who is authorized to park in visitors parking and who isn’t, we have solved that problem. Security guards and concierges can keep track of how many passes were issued and who the permit was issued to and from. This makes it easier to monitor visitor parking while enforcing parking rules and regulations.

Fully supports your existing rules, regulations, and parameters

Condo Control’s visitor parking feature makes it difficult for residents to misuse visitor parking. Our online visitor parking permit feature gives security and concierge full control when implementing their own rules and regulations into our visitor parking software. Guards can limit the amount of visitor parking permits issued per user and limit the duration of the parking permit’s validity.

Confidential as you control who has permission to view the records and when

Guards also can remove the online visitor parking permits feature from the resident’s portal. They can restrict what residents or other guards are able to see from their dashboards when they log into Condo Control. Each visitor parking permit submission is saved to the database, they can be viewed at any time and be used as a reference in case a parking dispute occurs.

Existing Customers: Need help using this feature? please visit our Knowledge Center or Submit A Ticket

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