Online Security Log Management

Keep All Of Your Guards Up-to-date With Our Security Log Feature

We’ve taken this basic but important communication tool and brought it online.

Guards record the relevant details in the book. Then, at the start of their next shift, each guard catches up by reviewing all updates since their previous shift.

Here’s how it works:

  • When some information needs to be shared, a guard creates a new security log entry.
  • The log entry automatically records the date & time and guard’s name
  • The guard can enter a subject and a message (similar to an email)
  • They also select a category and optionally a related unit number
  • When other guards log in at the start of their next shift, they will be prompted to review and acknowledge all outstanding log entries
  • This acknowledgment is recorded (along with date & time) for future reference if it is needed
  • Condo Control Central ensures that all log entries are reviewed and acknowledged before guards can use the system

  • The acknowledgement details (date, time, guard name) are recorded for future reference if needed

  • Condo Control Central doesn’t require you to set up email addresses for each of your security guards; there is no separate account to maintain

  • You can ensure your message gets through; with shared email addresses, there is always the risk of someone deleting a message


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