Package Tracking Software Feature For Condos

Your Condo’s Packages, Online!

Package tracking can streamline the process of receiving and organizing packages. This can be particularly helpful during very busy periods, such as leading up to Christmas.

Track all parcel movement using the following features:

  • The guard logs all new packages in the system as they are received
  • The recipient automatically receives an email alerting them to the new package
  • When the package is picked up, the guard updates the record again so that the full details are available for later reference
  • Able to track both incoming deliveries (such as from UPS, FedEx, etc) and outgoing packages (where a resident has left something to be picked up at the front desk)
  • Guards can easily search for packages based on delivery date, recipient, or other details
  • If packages are not picked up, guards can send a reminder email to the recipient with just one click
  • The system can help you to capture signatures electronically (using a signature pad) or you can track signatures on paper

The package tracking feature helps you keep a log of all packages received by the front desk.

The package tracking feature is included as part of our Security & Concierge Module.


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