Purchase Orders For Your Condo

Maintaining a condo building is not easy. Various products and services are required regularly in order to hold your building in high regard. The approval and fulfillment process can be a very time-consuming process, but it doesn’t have to be. With our Purchase Order feature, you can generate purchase orders with ease.

The Purchase Order feature allows you to:

  • Track the purchase of products and services from external suppliers
  • Store suppliers’ contact details securely online
  • Track the entire approval and fulfillment process online
  • Streamline the approval process
  • Document all related communication between property management, the board and the supplier electronically
  • Remove all manual paperwork

Get things done faster with a more efficient purchase order process within Condo Control Central. Want to know more about this feature? Fill out our short form to download our in-depth flyer.

  • Fill out our short form to download our in depth flyer

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