Online File Library Feature

Keep Your Files Oranized In One Spot

Many property management companies have a challenge keeping their electronic files organized. Their files are spread around: some are on a server at head office, while others are spread around on individual hard drives at each condominium site.

Condo Control Central helps you keep those files stored in a secure, centralized location so that you will spend less time searching for a file. You will always know where the latest versions of your files are located.

For property managers and board members:

  • Store your important documents in one centralized, secure location, so you will never again waste time looking for a file
  • Organize your files into folders, making them easier to find
  • Set access levels on each folder, giving you control who sees each folder and who is allowed to make changes or modifications
  • Allows you to upload your files either using your web browser, or submit your files by email, whichever is most convenient for you
  • Automatically send email notifications when you post a new file, so that everyone knows the file is there
  • Automatically tracks who has viewed which files, so it’s easy to see which documents are most interesting and how effective your communication efforts are

For owners and tenants:

  • Allows owners and tenants to view the document without having to log into the system, saving them time and hassle

  • Automatically convert Word documents to PDF format for easier viewing and preview

  • Allows owners to only download the PDF version of a file so that important documents cannot be modified

  • Allows owners or tenants to easily go back and review historical documents as needed without having to request them from management.

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