Amenity Booking Sofware for Condos

Online Amenity booking is easy to use and saves time

Do you currently track your amenity bookings manually, using a spreadsheet or google calendar? Maybe you even track bookings on a paper calendar. These methods of tracking get the job done, but just barely. If you track everything manually, you probably spend a lot of time making reminder phone calls and following up on outstanding reservations. And eventually, someone will make a mistake and you’ll have to deal with a double booking.

We offer the following features to help you ensure your amenity bookings are as smooth and easy as possible:

  • Three possible modes of operation:
  • Extreme flexibility; set up your amenities to match your existing process:
  • Customizable approval process
  • Customizable fees; set up your amenities to charge hourly, daily or per booking. Also configure deposit amount and fee separately.
  • Automatic prevention of double bookings
  • Colour coding of bookings so the calendar is easy to read
  • Automatic email notifications for all new bookings
  • Ability to group amenities to make checking availability easier. For example, if you have four guest suites, you can check availability with a single click. (No need to check each suite separately.)
  • Ability to use credit cards for payment of fees and deposits. (Nominal $2 booking fee applies per booking.)
  • Ability to have residents agree to terms and conditions online before confirming a booking.
  • Ability to attach booking form. Residents can then download, print, sign and return the form with their payment.
  • Optional reminder notification 24 hours in advance of upcoming bookings
  • Convenient “Take out of service” feature allows you to take an amenity out of service and cancel all related bookings. For example, if your party room is closed for renovation or a repair. The system will also automatically notify all residents by email whose bookings are impacted.

Our Amenity Booking Module allows you to book any type of amenity:

  • Event space, such as a party room, board room, or theatre room

  • Short term use amenities like barbecues, tanning beds or tennis courts

  • Guest suites

Our Amenity Booking Module will do exactly what you need it to do, and yet it’s extremely affordable. But don’t take our word for it, request a quote for your building to see for yourself.


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