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The concierge uses a smartphone to scan package details

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Details are synced to CCC using AI technology

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Multiple packages can be logged at once

Security and Concierge staff use a smartphone to scan incoming packages

Using the latest Artificial Intelligent (AI) technology, staff can simply scan incoming package details using the CCC app on their smartphone. The app will recognize the recipients' details on the package and sync with the unit file to quickly log the package.

Guards can easily log multiple packages making it faster to process larger deliveries

Logging multiple packages at once is simple with CCC. Once the first package is logged guards simply click save and move on to the next package. A collection notification is sent to the recipient automatically as each package is saved

AI package tracking saves time and money

There is no need to purchase a fancy scanner, the common smartphone and the CCC app is all that is required. Faster package processing means more time and resources can be allocated to other important aspects of the corporations’ security regimen

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