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Mobile Condo Management: Why You Need It Now

October 4 , 2017/in/

  Mobile Condo Management: Why You Need It Now Property management is a changing industry. The role of the condo manager has evolved in recent years to be much more demanding and involved....

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The Future of Condo Management

August 7 , 2017/in/

Managing residential properties is an increasingly complex juggling act. This is especially true of condo management. You need to balance the intricacies of managing a high rise building, with...

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How Automated Property Management Saves Time & Money

July 17 , 2017/in/

  How Automated Property Managment Can Save You Time & Money Automation is the driving force behind the future of property management. Automation streamlines processes to save time...

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Six Tips for Reaching Quorum at Your Next AGM

June 13 , 2017/in/Dale Shackell

The Annual General Meeting is considered the most important meeting of the entire year for many organizations and this is no different when it comes to Condominium Corporations. Not only is it a...

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What’s New with Condo Control Central – Online Store for Condos

October 12 , 2016/in/CondoCC

Being a condominium management software company we have made a commitment finding ways to help make running a condo as smooth as possible. Our latest update saw the implementation of some great...

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What’s New With Condo Control Central – Condo Management Mobile App Part 2

August 10 , 2016/in/CondoCC

Condo Management Mobile App for Android Last month we launched the first release of our new condo management mobile app for iOS. This month, we have officially launched the same app for Android...

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What’s New With Condo Control Central – We’ve Launched our Mobile App!

July 19 , 2016/in/CondoCC

Condo Control Central Software Mobile App Launch As a condominium management software, it’s important that we continually strive for innovation and finding new ways to help you manage condos...

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What’s New With Condo Control Central – April 2016

May 20 , 2016/in/CondoCC

What’s New With Condo Control Central As a condominium management software company we are committed to continual innovation and finding ways to help make running a condo as smooth as possible. Our...

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Property Manager’s Guide to Condo Management Software: Maintain, Track Tasks & Book with Ease

March 29 , 2016/in/CondoCC

According to Google, property management is defined as “the operation, control, and oversight of real estate. Management indicates a need to be cared for, monitored and accountability given for its...

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When visitor parking is a scarce resource

December 11 , 2015/in/Brian Bosscher

This article was first published in Condo Business on Tuesday,December 8,2015. Many condos offer visitor parking as an amenity, but managing it can become a major headache for the board and...

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August 2014 Visitor Parking Software Feature Improvements

May 18 , 2015/in/by CondoCC

This month, we are rolling out several changes to our Visitor Parking feature. These changes will improve the flexibiility of the module and the experience that our customers have when using it. We...

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Introducing our Ideas Forum

May 18 , 2015/in/by CondoCC

This month, we implemented a new way for you to let us know what you think we should add to the system next. We call it the Ideas Forum. Ideas Forum We will use the Ideas Forum to collect ideas and...

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July 2013 New Features and Updates

May 18 , 2015/in/by CondoCC

We’re excited to announce a number of improvements and new features on Condo Control Central, available immediately. This release includes several features requested by you, our clients. For the...

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Two New Features: Discussion Forums and Key Tracking

November 15 , 2012/in/CondoCC

This month we’re announcing two new features that have been frequently requested by many of our clients: Online Discussion Forums:   Allows your owners and residents to hold discussions...

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Condo Control Central Pricing Changes

October 18 , 2012/in/CondoCC

Based on feedback we’ve received, we have recently updated our pricing.  You told us that you want pricing that is flexible; you want to pay only pay for the features you use. You also told us...

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Improve Your Condo Communication Management

September 1 , 2017/in/

    Communication is the Cornerstone of Condo Management Improving your condo communication management benefits everyone in the condo community. Residents and employees alike get higher...

Work Smarter With Paperless Condo Management Software

July 27 , 2017/in/

Condo management companies are going paperless. And it’s not just making them greener, it’s making them more efficient and more profitable.   Condo management has long been an...

Property Management In The Digital Age

July 12 , 2017/in/

Adapting to Property Management in 2017 The condo industry is booming in the digital era. New buildings, new technology, and a new generation of tenants have been introduced. The best commercial...

The Roles of a Condo Property Manager

December 2 , 2016/in/ConodCC

The Responsibilities of a Property Manager in a Condo. Most condo buildings have a property manager, and if you live in a condo building, chances are you have worked with one. Although you may have...

Are Your Condo Maintenance Fees Too High?

September 9 , 2016/in/CCCentral

6 ways to tell if you’re paying too much for condo fees. When you are looking to buy a condo, there are a lot of things to consider before making a decision. For example: is there a parking...

Condo Management Technology vs. Home Automation

July 28 , 2016/in/ConodCC

The automation of our manual work has slowly but surely been happening right before our eyes for over a century. The beginning of the 1900’s saw the change from literal horsepower to figurative...

Which Condo Management Software do I Choose? The Problem with Free

June 21 , 2016/in/CondoCC

Choosing a Condo Management Software There is currently a vast amount of property management systems on the market to help you run and maintain your properties. At first glance, it can be very...

Property Manager’s Guide to Condo Management Software: Simplify Security & Concierge Services

April 13 , 2016/in/

Automate Your Condo Security & Concierge Services “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.”   Why complicate things with systems that don’t work or have become outdated? Make life...

Property Manager’s Guide to Condo Management Software: Connecting Staff, Owners & Tenants

March 21 , 2016/in/CondoCC

Connecting and maintaining an engaged condo community is one of the most sought after talents in a property manager. Condo living can be fantastic for residents who find a community they fit in with,...

Condo Control Central Secures Growth Equity Investment from Klass Capital

May 18 , 2015/in/by Brian Bosscher

I am very excited to announce that Condo Control Central has secured a growth equity investment from Klass Capital, a venture capital firm based here in Toronto that focuses on high growth enterprise...

Our newest feature- pass-on logs

May 18 , 2015/in/by CondoCC

This month, we have released a new feature that will allow for better communication amongst your condo’s security & concierge team: the pass-on log. Pass-on Logs Pass-on logs for the Security...

Condo Control Central and the New Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation (CASL)

May 18 , 2015/in/by CondoCC

Overview As you may have heard, Canada’s new Anti-Spam Legislation (referred to as CASL) will be coming into effect on July 1, 2014. We are sending out this update in order to highlight the key...

New Feature to help you print and mail fewer documents

December 5 , 2012/in/CondoCC

Condo owners frequently tell us that their property managers still send paper documents by mail.  This is frustrating for owners because receiving paper is not as convenient, and it's frustrating...

Protecting Your Condo’s Email

October 26 , 2012/in/CondoCC

This week’s property management tip: email security Most property managers have an email account that they use every single day. What would you do if someone broke into your email account and...

Summer 2012 Client Update

September 4 , 2012/in/CondoCC

We have made dozens of changes to Condo Control Central since our last video update in March! We know you’re busy so we won’t bore you with too many details, but we do want to fill you in on the...

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