Top 10 HOA management companies in San Francisco

Date Published : Jun-15-2021

Written By : Kim Brown

Known for its beautiful monuments, multitude of start-ups, and educational and cultural institutions, San Francisco is probably one of the coolest U.S. cities around.  It is the 2nd most densely populated large city in the country, and it has a colossal metropolitan area with over 4.6 million residents.  

San Francisco is warm all year-round; people don’t get to enjoy all four seasons the same way they do in other states, but they don’t have to endure extreme cold or sweltering heat either.

The average cost of living in San Francisco is high. Housing, food and transportation are very expensive, but people who live in this city also earn more. Considering how much owners invest in homes, it’s important to them that their properties are well maintained. That’s where a good HOA management company can come in handy. These professionals work hard to ensure their HOA communities follow the rules, keep up with repairs, and are great places to live. Below are 10 HOA management companies worth checking out.   


1. BanCal Property Management

BanCal Property Management was established in 1987 and was built with a mission to make every interaction between clients authentic and personal, help create a vision for every property it manages, and provide exceptional customer service. Its management team is dedicated to helping clients grow their businesses, with proven strategies that have led to association revenue increases of 15% to 18%.

BanCal’s professional services include resident relations, ensuring board meetings and general policies and procedures are being carried out in compliance with governing documents and state laws, renegotiating vendor contracts to ensure pricing is competitive, and issuing monthly financial reports.  

Unlike many other HOA management companies, BanCal does share its management fees on its website. Happy clients say BanCal is extremely responsible and helpful, and would definitely recommend this company.


2. Azari Property Management

Azari Property Management offers HOAs some choice and flexibility which is always nice. Smaller associations will appreciate that they can select from full-service HOA management, only bookkeeping & financial reports, or only maintenance management.

Azari Property Management specializes in personalized financial and maintenance management for HOAs in San Francisco and the surrounding areas. One of the most important tasks the Azari team focuses on when they’re hired to manage the financials of any property is to prioritize and address preventative maintenance issues in the association. Azari understands that appropriate preventative maintenance is essential to effective fiscal management.

Azari has a 4.8 Google rating. Clients love this company because the staff go above and beyond. People who have had the opportunity to work with staff from Azari say that they stay on top of market trends, are super responsive, and are great at completing repairs.   


3. HOA Properties

HOA Properties specializes in community association management and financial management. The company’s commitment to premium HOA management is enhanced with software used to streamline solutions and operations. HOA Properties provides hands-on expertise with a logistic approach. Each of its communities is kept up-to-date on compliance, project management, financials, and community liaison assistance.

Many HOA Properties’ staff have 15 or 20 years of professional experience, and can competently do everything from distributing annual election materials to developing annual budgets.


4. 5th Avenue Real Estate Services

Expect first-class service from 5th Avenue Real Estate Services. This company offers a full range of property management services including financial services, project management services and HOA care. 5th Avenue Real Estate Services promises timely dues collection, due diligence inspections, newsletter publishing, and can even assist with developer transitions and initial operating budgets.


5. CitiScape Property Management Group

Looking for a boutique firm with a passionate team that’s big enough to deliver results? CitiScape Property Management Group may be the perfect fit for you. CitiScape specializes in HOA and community association properties.

CitiScape is happy to provide all of the traditional services that most HOA management companies provide, but it also offers more unique services such as project management services for large-scale reserve replacement repairs, governing document revision services and administrative support, and preparation of emergency plans or manuals.


6. Better Property Management

Better Property Management has been helping clients and communities since 1976. The company currently specializes in leasing, brokerage, and managing residential income units. However, it does offer services to HOAs as well.

BPM is big on playing by the rules, and its website even has a section devoted to California real estate laws. There is a long list of detailed services that this management company will provide, including financial and report preparation, complaint/service request procedures, and record and file maintenance. 


7. KeyOpp Property Management

With a 4.9 Google rating, KeyOpp Property Management clearly understands what HOA communities are looking for. This company is family-owned and operated, and has been in this market for more than a decade.

KeyOpp can assist HOA boards with a number of tasks, including annual meetings, monthly management reports, and communicating with owners and residents. The staff not only take care of day-to-day financial matters, they also provide guidance for long-term funding for the community.


8. RealManage Northern California & San Francisco  

Equipped with a team of HOA industry experts focused on delivering exceptional customer service, RealManage understands how to enhance associations and the lifestyles of those that live in the communities it cares for. This company values community development, a concept defined by RealManage as a community operating at its peak potential. That means finances, operations and community spirit are all healthy and functional.

RealManage uses software to help staff and HOA communities succeed. It even has a resident services call center staffed with real people. If owners have questions or issues, they will almost certainly be able to connect with a human to get the answers they’re looking for.  


9. Hanford · Freund & Company

Hanford · Freund & Company was founded in the 1930s by Lloyd D. Hanford, a pioneer in the property management industry. Mr. Hanford led the effort to establish standards of excellence, ethics and education in this field. Today, Hanford · Freund & Company continues to place professionalism, educational standards and ethical commitment high on its list of core values. The company can confidently put its experience and professionalism to work for every property it manages.

The team at Hanford · Freund & Company will take care of day-to-day operations, look after the association’s accounting, and look after payroll administration for on-site personnel as well as construction and renovation project supervision.


10. Hill & Co. Property Management

Hill & Co. Property Management’s top priority is to assist each association’s board in fulfilling their obligations to protect, improve and enhance their development. In addition to supporting the board, Hill & Co is ready to take on maintenance and repair, and financial and accounting matters. It is a full-service company and has experience managing luxury properties.


Bonus: Self-Managed HOAs

There are several excellent property management companies to choose from in San Francisco. However, not all HOAs may be ready for or in need of a management company. If that’s the case, HOA management software can be a viable alternative. It helps to automate the repetitive tasks that take up the most time, and improve communication between the board and owners.  

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