Top 10 HOA management companies in Los Angeles

Date Published : Mar-11-2022

Written By : Kim Brown

Los Angeles (LA) is one of the most famous cities in North America. Located in Southern California, it is best known for its sheer size and buzzing entertainment scene. LA is divided into many different districts and neighborhoods, and are so distinct that the city has signage marking nearly all of them.

There are dozens of reasons why people prefer to call Los Angeles home. One of the main appeals is the weather, since freezing temperatures and snowfall are extremely rare. It does get hot during the summer, but it’s relatively comfortable for much of the year.

It’s so sunny in California that the state actually promotes the use of solar energy systems. As such, homeowner associations cannot:

  • Prohibit solar energy systems
  • Impose restrictions that significantly increase their cost
  • Impose restrictions that significantly decrease their efficiency

That doesn’t mean every owner can install solar panels on their roofs though. As provided for in Civil Code §714.1, associations can impose reasonable provisions that restrict the installation of solar energy systems installed in or on common areas. That means HOAs may be able to specify what types of units can be installed on roofs. Owners with exclusive use common area roofs may have an easier time installing solar panels. However, if the association is responsible for maintaining the roofs, it raises significant issues related to the increased cost of maintenance.

While we’re on the topic of HOAs, it’s estimated that 14 million people—over 1/3 of the state’s population—live in HOA communities in California. HOAs are growing in popularity, so developers will continue to build them. Many people are put off by the idea of living in a place where you have to pay fees and follow rules, but there is evidence to show that homes in registered associations sell for more, and sell more quickly.

Well-managed HOAs are generally the happiest HOAs. Skilled HOA management companies can add value to the areas that contribute to a productive HOA, including finances, communication and leadership. LA has many excellent management companies to choose from; below are 10 worth considering:


1. Allstate HOA Management            

Allstate HOA Management has over 20 years of management experience. It cares for small, medium and large communities, as well as mixed-use properties. Their managers value continuing education so that they can share the latest information and knowledge with the board.

Some of Allstate’s services include providing input and guidance to the board and owners, collecting dues, assisting with meetings and elections and arranging for pre-emptive maintenance.

Allstate HOA Management has earned several esteemed awards, including one for “Best Property Management Company” in Los Angeles in 2021. The company also has a remarkably high 4.8 rating on Google. Clients agree that the managers at Allstate are knowledgeable, professional and genuinely care about the communities they serve. 


2. Ontrack Asset Management

Ontrack Asset Management was established in Los Angeles by experienced real estate professionals and property managers who are passionate about what they do. Ontrack is a full-service company that prefers a hands-on approach.

The company understands that HOAs have limited budgets, which is why the quotes they offers are always competitive. Ontrack has built strong relationships with qualified contractors, and can command the best prices and best work.

Ontrack has an outstanding 4.6 rating on Google. Clients say that managers who work for this company are very responsive, transparent and skillful.


3. Beven & Brock Property Management

Beven & Brock Property Management is all about options and flexibility. The company has three standard choices for HOA communities that include full-service management, an accounting and administrative package or a limited financial package. 

Beven & Brock embrace technology, and have a special feature for online payments and service request submissions. The company trusts each manager to use their unique skills and strengths to provide their communities with the best care possible.

Clients have mentioned that this company has the resources of a big business, but the people are personable and give them the attention that one would expect from a small company.


4. CAC Management

CAC Management was founded over 40 years ago, and prides itself on long-term relationships with staff and clients. CAC has a wide range of services available for HOAs to choose from. Services range from bookkeeping and financial tracking to full management of the entire HOA.

CAC offers exceptional board support so that these HOA volunteers can focus on bigger projects. It’s also figured out an effective billing system for owners. The company says that over 50% of CAC-managed HOA’s have one delinquency (in some cases, no delinquencies).

The company has some helpful resources on its website too. Check out its blog or essential legal links.    


5. Wall Street HOA Management

Wall Street HOA Management proudly serves the entirety of the LA County area and has been doing so
for the past 20+ years. Wall Street’s HOA services cover everything from administrative support to legal representation. It even offers developer-building services for brand new HOAs.

In addition to having a strong team of managers, Wall Street harnesses the power of technology which gives the business and their clients a proactive advantage.


6. Action Property Management

Action Property Management is a large, privately-owned homeowner association management company. Its size enables the business to match or exceed all of the resources of the biggest national companies. Action is careful to maintain its agility and flexibility so that each client gets the personal care and professional results it desires. It has the resources and skills to care for average-sized communities as well as large developments.

Action believes that A well-managed association goes beyond the mere fulfillment of its fiduciary responsibilities – it seeks to improve the quality of life for residents. That’s the heartbeat of Action. 


7. EGL Properties

EGL Properties is a full-service property management company. It has more than 30 years of experience buying, selling, leasing and managing residential and commercial property in Los Angeles. EGL approaches property management as an income-generating business, which means its focus is on saving money for associations.

The company’s website detailed all of its services, and has a very useful FAQ page for associations to review. In addition to offering standard financial and administrative services, EGL will renegotiate vendor/service contracts and evaluate and recommend ancillary income opportunities.


8. Hoag Property Management, Inc. 

Hoag Property Management, Inc. has been providing superior property management and brokerage services to Southern California for over 70 years. The company’s reputation has been built upon a corporate philosophy of integrity, knowledge, leadership, teamwork and personalized service.

When it comes to caring for HOAs, Hoag can offer a full-service package, or simply assist with financial responsibilities.


9. Seabreeze Management Company

Seabreeze Management Company looks after over 90,000 commercial and residential properties every day. With deep-rooted industry expertise and passion for all things property management, the Seabreeze team works tirelessly to help HOAs reach their goals.

The company has what it takes to help new developments thrive, as well as lead boards to become more knowledgeable and proficient.


10. Utopia Management

Utopia Management is a full-service property management company that has been serving the community since 1994. The business is comprised of qualified and professional property managers who are consistently working to stay in front of the everchanging demands of association management.

The company specializes in managing properties for individuals, but is more than happy to help HOAs with bookkeeping.


Bonus: Self-Managed Communities

The right property management company can drastically improve HOA operations. However, not every community wants or needs a dedicated management team. HOA management software can help self-managed communities gain some extra time and money by streamlining the most tedious or repetitive tasks. Features like violation tracking, announcements and amenity bookings give self-managed communities the consistency and control they’ve been looking for.  

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