Top 10 HOA management companies in Dallas

Date Published : Jul-13-2021

Written By : Kim Brown

Dallas is an exciting place to live right now. It’s booming thanks to an explosion of cultural activities, sports, restaurants, and a revitalization of the business sector. Bigger is better in Dallas. The population, growth, and size are significant. In fact, the Dallas–Fort Worth metropolitan area has grown by more than one million new residents.

Traffic in Dallas can create some extra headaches, but the cost of housing is reasonable compared to other major American cities. There are also many HOA communities in Dallas, and luckily there are several HOA management companies available to care for the flourishing communities.   


1. Excel Association Management

Founded in 1991, Excel Association Management, Inc. has a deep understanding of the importance of clear communication and transparency. Excel is located in Plano, but offers HOA management services to communities in Dallas.

The company has decades of experience with association accounting, record-keeping, project coordination, and legal feedback. Excel acknowledges that the financial management portion of HOA management is often the most daunting, which is why it offers financial management-only packages.

Excel has a 4.4 Google rating, and homeowners that have had the opportunity to work with staff from this company say that they are fast to respond, knowledgeable and genuinely helpful.  


2. McCaw Property Management

McCaw Property Management has been in business since 2003. This company’s strength lies in its team of qualified experts, and the services the staff work hard to deliver. McCaw is proud that it can build positive relationships with homeowners, boards and vendors to create a constructive and productive environment within the communities it works for.

HOAs that are struggling with violations, collections and legal issues may be particularly interested in reaching out to this company. It knows exactly how difficult these issues can be, which is why it has partnered with some of the best HOA attorneys to help it manage and work through legal issues.


3. SBB Management Company

SBB manages over 170 community associations exclusively in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. The SBB team approach to management ensures that HOAs have direct access to a community manager and an administrative assistant. SBB embraces technology as it has proven to be effective for streamlining association business, but it also makes sure real people are available to help.

SBB offers its HOAs online assessment payment options, a digital platform to facilitate architectural change requests and a secure web portal. Everything is fully integrated into SBB’s homeowner database. Furthermore, through each association web portal, board members can access financial records, homeowner account information and other sensitive information. If you need a public website, SBB can make that happen, too.


4. Spectrum Association Management

Spectrum Association Management’s services are specifically designed to address the core issues that real communities face on a day-to-day basis. Spectrum only manages single-family communities, and is very comfortable working with HOAs that have 200+ homes.

Spectrum also limits the number of communities each manager oversees, so each client gets the attention they need and deserve. As a result, the company boasts a customer retention rate of 97%. Project management, financial clarity, and homeowner assistance are three areas in which this established company thrives!


5. Veracity Condominium and HOA Management 

Whether your HOA needs full service or financial services only, Veracity Condominium and HOA Management has the skills and passion to make positive changes for your community. Veracity takes an assertive leadership role when working with clients, but it understands the importance of flexibility as well.

Proof of Veracity’s ability to perform is in the numbers. Before the company is hired, many communities have a 17% delinquency rate, give or take. Once hired, the delinquency rate for those same communities is about 5%. Veracity also offers solutions for self-managed communities on an as-needed basis.


6. Fowler Property Management

Fowler Property Management knows real estate from the ground up. That’s one major thing that sets it apart from other companies. Fowler has a construction and maintenance background. It also collaborates with two real estate and maintenance companies to create superior, full-service, turnkey real estate solutions.

Fowler Property Management skillfully supports HOAs of all sizes. Its team of professionals works hard to ensure the HOA being cared for remains soluble and in good standing for the immediate future, and for years to come.


7. Management of Associations & Communities

As an industry leader in HOA property management, over 10,000 homeowners trust and rely on Management of Associations & Communities, also known as the MAC Group. 

MAC Group is not afraid to pursue innovative and up-to-date methods to improve the HOA’s operations, and community spirit. The company values communication and transparency, which helps to build and maintain healthy working relationships with its clients.

The MAC Group offers a wide variety of services to HOAs, including assessment collection, easy-to-read financials, and free website setup and admin assistance. Clients can also enjoy dedicated board and homeowner portals.


8. Advanced Association Management

Looking for help with tax and audit assistance, bid solicitation or transitioning an association from developer to HOA members? Advanced Association Management can do all of that and more. This company has over 30 years of experience, and its staff have been in the community association management industry for almost as long.

Advanced Association Management will help HOAs with finances, budgeting, assessment collections, construction projects and insurance claims. Clients who have worked with this company praise the staff for being professional, responsive, and proactive.


9. Magnolia Association Management, LP

Magnolia Association Management’s primary objective is to enhance the value of homes through superior HOA management. Clients who have worked with this HOA management company say their staff are insightful and quick to act.  

Homeowners who are served by Magnolia enjoy some wonderful conveniences. They can submit service requests and make payments online, which saves them time and reduces administrative work for the association. 


10. Worth Ross Management

Worth Ross Management has been in business for over 20 years. The company has become a dynamic, full-service organization focused on providing boutique service to each community it works with. WRMC specializes in offering an exceptional resident experience. It attributes much of its success to its commitment to nurturing communities and prioritizing actions that will contribute to the collective good of HOAs.

WRMC offers tailored services to meet the individual needs of the HOAs that have invested their trust in the company. It is open to new ideas from board members, and will bring solid solutions that address risk management, association governance, and financial responsibilities. 


Bonus: Self-Managed HOAs

There is no shortage of qualified property management companies to choose from in Dallas. However, not every HOA will want or need a company to help them manage the day-to-day operations. If your association could just use a bit of fine-tuning, HOA management software may be the solution for you. It helps to automate repetitive tasks and streamline operations for owners and board members. Moreover, it can save the HOA time and money.

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