Top 10 condo management companies in Toronto

Date Published : Aug-07-2020

Written By : Phillip Livingston

Property managers can make life so much easier for condo boards and residents who live in the building. We’ve selected ten noteworthy companies for your consideration based on reviews, client feedback and notoriety.


1. ICC Property Management Toronto

ICC Property Management Toronto is committed to serving both the board of directors and the residents of each condo community they work for. They believe that both residents and community leaders must feel good about the services that ICC provides in order for the community to thrive.
ICC has over two decades of experience helping large and small condo buildings operate more efficiently. ICC takes a customer-centric approach and builds genuine relationships with the people they work for. In fact, ICC still manages its very first client of over 25+ years. The company strives to be flexible and cater to each community’s unique needs.
ICC operates a 24/7 emergency hotline so that residents can always find help when they need it, even in the event of an after-hours emergency. They specialize in community and financial services, and maintenance management.


2. Glendale Properties

Glendale Properties has established itself as one of Toronto’s most reliable property management companies. Their objective is to achieve a dedicated and long-term client relationship with clients by setting clear standards, expectations and goals with them. As a result, they have successfully managed client properties for 10-20 years.
Residents who have had the pleasure of working with Glendale can’t say enough good things about the company. They are recognized for being thoughtful, organized and thorough. Glendale works with large and small properties in Toronto and the GTA. They specialize in maintenance, financial and administrative services, including AGMs and by-law enforcement.


3. Bridgeway Property Management

Bridgeway Property Management is a family-owned and operated company that specializes in managing individual condo units. Their personalized and down-to-earth approach ensures that each client’s needs are understood and met. They are committed to providing exceptional service and a hassle-free approach to property management, and their clients notice a difference right away.
Bridgeway is known for being highly responsive, proactive and professional. They oversee maintenance requests in a timely manner, and build positive relationships with tenants. They solve resident issues right away, and help keep everyone happy.
The Bridgeway team also invests in properties, which means they possess a keen understanding of the unique challenges and responsibilities landlords face. They know what it takes to keep rentals performing optimally.


4. Wilson Blanchard Management

Wilson Blanchard Management, an Associa Company, has been operating since 1995. Their objective is to be the most trusted name in condo management. The company has roots in Toronto, Hamilton and Waterloo.
The Wilson Blanchard team is thoroughly trained and experienced in all aspects of building and property maintenance, including budgeting, accounting, energy management, administration, and major project management. They offer financial reporting services, help with community management and preventative maintenance.
The staff who represent Wilson Blanchard Management are always professional and proactive. Clients describe them as knowledgeable, efficient, and a pleasure to work with.


5. Firstservice Residential

Firstservice Residential has locations all over Canada and the U.S. (Ontario included), which means they have a lot of combined talent and experience. They offer exclusive programs that will reduce costs for condo communities and residents, while increasing property values. They’ve got the stats ready to back up their claims.
Furthermore, since they manage so many properties, they have the knowledge required to provide boards with expert guidance on vendor costs and association payments.
Condo communities appreciate the friendly and professional staff. You can get to know the management team by visiting their website. Firstservice Residential is prepared to resolve common and unique challenges impeding the productivity and satisfaction of condo communities in Toronto.



6. Gateway Property Management Corporation

Gateway Property Management Corporation aims to establish mutually beneficial, trust-based relationships with their clients while applying innovative thinking to the evolving property management profession. They serve communities in Cambridge, a city located west of Toronto.
From financial management to building operations, they have the expertise to help corporations draft and implement sound strategies to increase efficiencies and satisfaction. Gateway can help with financial management, insurance, online documents, maintenance contracts, and more. They are engaged with the people they work for, and are always looking for ways to provide even better services.


7. Crossbridge Condominium Services

Crossbridge Condominium Services (formally known as Brookfield Condominium Services) is a well-established company with over 40 years of experience. Crossbridge is the largest residential condo property management company in Ontario, managing over 170 buildings, or 80,000 units in Toronto and the GTA.
Crossbridge has a team of over 200 property managers and 160 admin staff members working for them. You can learn more about their management team on their website. The company is structured so that there are a lot of mini companies or teams working within the larger company. This way, every building receives the attention and care that it needs.
The company has the capacity and knowledge to take care of finances, day-to-day operations, and administrative tasks. Their size and experience are truly beneficial when it comes to suppliers. Crossbridge has an extensive list of suppliers who offer different prices for a multitude of services. Their suppliers recognize that if they want to quote on servicing a Crossbridge managed building, they must deliver a Crossbridge standard of service.

8. Nadlan-Harris

Nadlan-Harris places a heavy emphasis on transparency and open communication between boards, owners and management. They are a newer property management company, but are already taking care of thousands of units in Toronto and the GTA.
Nadlan-Harris is highly experienced in newly constructed, mixed-use and conversion buildings, however, they work with all types of condominiums. From maintenance and housekeeping to bookkeeping and accounting, Nadlan-Harris helps condos achieve their goals by providing comprehensive services to their clients. Residents appreciate how responsive and accountable this company is.

9. Summerhill Property Management

Summerhill Property Management offers the accessibility of a small management company while providing the same excellent services offered by larger companies.
They pride themselves in providing superior customer service. They can do this because of their exceptional team. Summerhill is careful to employ people who care and who are motivated to exceed expectations through ongoing training.
In addition to their team of professionals, Summerhill also uses reputable accounting software from YARDI and ConStar to streamline tedious accounting tasks.


10. Maple Ridge Community Management

Maple Ridge Community Management (MRCM) has been serving the condo community since 1984. Located in Mississauga, it has grown with the developing needs and wants of condos and the residents who live in these buildings. In fact, they claim to be the very first management firm in Ontario to introduce YARDI Voyager accounting software, an innovative management software that optimizes service delivery.
MRCM manages a variety of buildings, and invests heavily in their team to ensure they deliver on their commitment to providing exceptional services.
MRCM is quite large and manages over 80,000 condo units in Toronto and across the GTA. Their secret to successful property management? Strong relationships built through communication and dependable services. Continuous communication between property managers and boards is absolutely essential to MRCM, and this is supplemented by ongoing dialogue between boards and MRCM’s management executives. The company has developed a standard “Management Update,” providing a thorough review of resident concerns, ongoing projects, repairs and financial position.


Bonus: Self-Managed Properties

There are so many excellent property management companies to choose from in Toronto. However, there are also many condo communities that have found success using property management software. Not only is it cost-effective, it is highly customizable, and it never needs a day off.

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