Top 10 condo management companies in Chicago

Date Published : Aug-11-2020

Written By : Phillip Livingston

How lucky you are if you live in Chicago. It is a vibrant, historic, progressive city, full of hard workers. With so many great condo management companies around, it was hard to narrow our list down to ten names, but here they are.  


1. Hales Property Management

Hales Property Management has been operating since 2003. Being property owners themselves, Hales recognized a need for a better property management solution in Chicago. Like others, they were tired of working with companies that ended up making condo living more complicated.

Hales saw an opportunity to provide property owners with the services that they deserve, including effective communication and all-around professionalism.

The company works hard to stay one step ahead by anticipating their clients’ needs and doing what’s necessary to cater to those needs. By acting sooner, they prevent unwanted situations from occurring. Hales is proud to provide fully transparent and reliable services.

 Clients truly appreciate how professional and attentive the managers from Hales are. They get credit for taking charge right away. 


2. Forth Group – Condo & HOA Management

Forth Group specializes in community management in the core of Chicago, and surrounding suburbs. It was founded in the late 1980s, and has grown since that time through referrals from happy clients.

Forth Group takes a holistic approach to community management, providing the ideal blend of quality service, technology and human interaction, and affordability. Their team excels because they emphasize responsibility over hierarchy. They are passionate and professional individuals who work hard to make a positive difference for their clients. Forth Group takes care of community management, accounting, customer service, and maintenance.

Small condo buildings in particular have noted how attentive Forth Group is. Clients know that they are in good hands.  


3. ACM Condo Management

ACM Condo Management cares for over 190 communities in the Chicagoland area. They confidentially manage high-rise, mid-rise, low-rise, and vintage buildings, and scale their services to meet their clients’ needs.

ACM is keenly aware of the special challenges that high-rise buildings face, and it has solutions available for maintenance services, management of amenities, package tracking, emergency procedures and oversight of on-site staff.

Multiple clients have expressed their satisfaction with this company. They help buildings save time and money, and that’s exactly what boards and owners want.


4. Good Steward Building Management

Good Steward Building Management offers condo communities a team of professionals who specialize in construction, portfolio management, budget projection, and community administration. They capitalize on their unique strengths to bring out the best in your condo.

When it comes to caring for vintage buildings with partial renovations or full rehabs, and new construction condos, GSBM truly shines. Their secret to great property management is proactive communication with owners and tenants. They also make it a priority to understand a building’s methods and materials so that they can plan for the future and prevent unnecessary malfunctions or accidents from occurring.   


5. Chicago Property Services

Chicago Property Services aims to enhance the living experience for the homeowners and board members that they work with. They provide boutique services for smaller condos and HOAs, and work hard to help resolve the unique issues that impede their ability to operate smoothly. The highly seasoned CPS team generally works with community associations that have 4-50 units.

Thanks to their outstanding attention to detail, and excellent understanding of their clients’ needs, CPS has a roster of very loyal clients. Many have been with the company for ten years – that’s significantly higher than the industry average of approximately 1.5 years.

CPS seamlessly handles projects without disrupting the owners who live in the building, skillfully finds ways to save condos money, and reduces stress for the entire community. It’s no wonder they have a nearly perfect Google rating.



6. Connected Property Management

Connected Property Management understands that serving on a condo board can feel like working a second full-time job. They aim to lessen the workload for boards and take over many of those time-consuming responsibilities. Connected shines when it comes to helping small and mid-sized condo associations. If your association is not big enough to have full-time on-site management, they may be the perfect option for you.

Connected’s entire company is dedicated to the management of condominiums. Perhaps that is why they have a 95% annual retention rate. Connected also provides a transparent pricing model (this makes boards particularly happy). Due to their ability to leverage their size and efficiencies, they are able to offer some of the best pricing in Chicago.


7. First Community Management

First Community Management has been assisting condo communities since 1998. This is an established condo management company that is continuously looking for ways to improve the services it provides to clients.

First Community Management offers guidance to help boards make challenging decisions, they prioritize responsiveness as a key quality, and they use multiple tools to assess their own performance, ensuring they remain accountable.

Residents who have had the pleasure of interacting with this company confirm their responsiveness, professionalism and ability to go above and beyond.


8. GC Realty & Development

If you’re not 100% sure that your current property manager is doing a good job…then they’re probably not. This is what GC Realty & Development believes. GCR&D specializes in single unit management. It offers property management services to properties in the Chicago west and northwest suburbs, including Kane County, DuPage County, Western Cook County, and parts of McHenry County and Lake County. Currently, GCR&D manages over 850 residential units. The company has experienced quite a bit of growth in the last several years thanks to its ability to bring out the best in properties and make them more attractive to prospective buyers.


9. Kass Management

Kass Management Services is known for its comprehensive, flexible and customized management structure. The company manages communities with as few as 3 units, to communities with over 250 units. It manages over 9,000 units, and over 400 properties in the Chicago area.

KMS offers a vast selection of services including negotiation of contracts and contract renewals with affiliates, monthly assessment collection and delinquent collection procedures, and management of day-to-day building operations, including regular property inspections.


10. Broad Shoulders Management

Broad Shoulders Management was created with a mission to raise the level of service and responsiveness in the property management industry. They only serve condominium and townhome associations, utilizing a blend of technology and hands-on customer service to deliver the most responsive property management service available.

They are happy to work with large and small communities, and work very hard to make life easier for board members and owners. You can learn more about their team by visiting their website.

Special recognition goes out to self-managed properties


Some associations feel more comfortable managing their building by themselves, and that’s completely okay. But, we would recommend getting some support if your board is responsible for handling all of the day-to-day operations. Property management software can make this demanding responsibility much simpler. For example, it can help boards with communication and announcements, assist with e-voting or proxy voting, automate the package tracking process, and improve recordkeeping.

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