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Simplify Property Management

Running Condos Smarter With Online Property Management Tools

There is nothing like saying goodbye to filing cabinets full of paperwork. Having to manually keep track of invoices, incident reports, receipts, and other types of paperwork is a thing of the past – thanks to online property management. But even with automation, it takes a special skill to simplify things. Anyone can go paperless, but keeping that information organized and easily accessible is a whole different story. Effective online property management is able to accomplish that, leading board members and property managers to have a stress free experience. The simpler something is, the better it runs, and as a result, we become more productive. Here are a few ways how Condo Control Central makes property management simple, leading condos to run more efficiently and cost-effectively for board members and property managers:

Training and Support

Nothing makes life easier than having training and support in case you have questions, especially during a transition process of learning how to use a new system. Even with user-friendly systems, having online and in-person training on a new online property management software and app, is not only convenient, but it is the fastest and most effective way to learn every feature needed to get tasks accomplished quickly and efficiently, making the most out of online property management tools.

Digitize… everything!

From record keeping to incident reports, communications, bookings, and payments, online property management decreases paperwork, printing costs, and the risk of lost records, all while improving workflow! Condo Control Central has a number of features that keep records secure, organized, and easy to track. The library feature allows board members and property managers to organize files into folders, and to convert word documents into convenient PDF files. By using online property management, board members and property managers see on average a 90% reduction in time spent searching for and accessing information and records. It seems hard to believe, but once you think about all tasks performed by board members and property managers on a daily basis in relation to the amount of paperwork involved (communicating with residents and owners, tracking maintenance and invoices, purchase orders, amenity bookings, etc), it’s easy to see how that is possible. Convenience is a big part of simplification, so of course, you still have the option to print if needed.

This process also facilitates the communication between board members, property managers, and owners, keeping everyone informed and organized! The online calendar feature allows users to not only see upcoming events but also to add them to their calendars and receive event reminders. The above-mentioned library feature also allows users to keep track of who has viewed certain files, avoiding miscommunication, and even lost mail or emails. Digitizing paperwork not only improves communication, but it saves time and expenses from printing and mailing communications to owners.

Amenity Booking

One important feature in online property management that makes the lives of residents and property managers easier is the amenity-booking feature. Everyone loves convenience. Being able to check availability, book and pay for amenities with a few clicks of a button, can help increase revenue from the utilization of facilities. Residents are also able to cancel booked amenities with the simple touch of a button. I know… it doesn’t sound like a good benefit, but allowing residents this feature is a big contributor when it comes to increased revenues from amenity bookings. It tends to keep procrastinators from cancelling at the very last minute, making amenities available for the next guest that might be searching for that same date and time. Administrators are also quickly able to manage pending bookings and creating new ones. Of course, increased amenity bookings percentages vary based on location, but that increase alone has the potential to cover the costs of online property management.

Centralized Control

For property managers who are in charge of multiple properties, simplified property management is a dream come true. Managing multiple properties doesn’t have to be complex. Property managers have access to each community from anywhere by using condo management apps. Online property management also helps managers keep track of all communications, allowing users to keep records of in-person and over the phone conversations, as well as emails, in one central location. Managers can handle service requests, maintenance, bookings, payments, and more – all online, without having to go from one property to another to get things done. They can also create reports for each property and compare their numbers to see what is working and what is not, and what can be improved.

Make property management simple with Condo Control Central.

Simplified Online Property Management helps board members and property managers run condos more efficiently and cost-effectively. Watch a demo of how condo management software can benefit you, or request a quote today!