Keeping Pets From Being Pests: Managing A Pet-Friendly Condo

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Running a pet-friendly condo can have a lot of benefits. It’s a selling point for people and families with pets, and pets can add a positive atmosphere to the condo. But there are potential problems, like smells, allergies, noise and messes. It can be a lot to manage.

Despite the challenges, condos are increasing their acceptance of four-legged residents. As millennials continue to their growth towards dominating the condo market, the demand for pet-friendly condos is growing as well.

This age group is often buying dogs or cats as a stepping stone to starting a family, or as an alternative to raising a child. As such, being pet-friendly is a big selling point.

Still, having pets can complicate condo management and requires clear pet policies.

Creating Clear Pet Policies

While pet owners may want to let their furry friends run free, it’s important to consider the needs of your other tenants. Establishing clear pet policies early can help prevent problems down the line. Policies must be specific with well-communicated guidelines. That way it’s clear what is a violation and what isn’t.

Some common policies outline:

  • The number of pets allowed
  • Pet size limits
  • Leash regulations
  • Noise restrictions
  • Picking up after pet rules
  • Odour management
  • Cleaning/reporting of stains/messes
  • Pet owners are responsible for damage caused by their pets
  • Requirement to spay or neuter pets

Limiting things like breeds of dogs can be good for assuring only hypoallergenic dogs, which minimizes messes and allergy problems. But it can result in current pet owners not purchasing a condo.

Your pet policies should focus on creating a good environment for all residents whether they are pet owners or not. It also should help to ensure the safety or both pets and residents.

Violation Policies

In addition to clear pet policies, you also need clear violation policies. Condo managers need to lay out what happens if a policy is violated or ignored. Too much leniency or inconsistency can result in angry tenants and/or rule-breaking.

Setting up violation policies encourages safety for all residents as well as respecting their personal space and property.

Communicate Pet Policies To Residents

Communication is essential to good pet-friendly condo management, especially with new rules and regulations. Pet owners need to know the policies, and non-pet owners should be aware of the rules as well. This can help reduce unnecessary complaints from tenants.

It’s especially important for condo buyers to be aware of the regulations before they buy. They may want to make sure their current pets can get board approval (if required) or meet the pet type and size regulations before purchasing the unit.

Existing residents can be informed through condo communication tools. Emails and texts are quick and easy ways to update residents on policy changes. As well, you can use lobby display boards for friendly reminders if residents are starting to bend the rules.

You can also display information on a public website for your condo. This allows prospective buyers and condo tenants to find out about pet policies and restrictions at their convenience. It is best practice to share this info publicly so that people can find out about any rules or regulations early in the buying process.

In addition to communication tools other condo management software features, like record keeping & incident reports, come in handy. These make it easy to pull up information on a resident to see if they have received warnings before and/or if they are frequent offenders. This knowledge makes it easier to know the appropriate response.

Use Tools For Pet-Friendly Condo Management

Backed up with clear regulations and violation policies, a pet-friendly condominium can be a better environment for residents and managers alike. Ensure smooth process, communication, and regulation by using condo management software and tools. Request a quote today, to see how your building can benefit from Condo Control Central.