Condo Control wins Best Property Management Solutions of 2020

Date Published : Nov-17-2020

Written By : Phillip Livingston


Good property management matters. It is the difference between chaotic communities and happy communities, structure and disorder, inefficiency and productivity.

Good property management software platforms help condos and HOAs move away from chaos and gain control. Great programs help communities become more cohesive, and save a little money, too.

Crozdeck recently created a list of top property management solutions to help boards and property managers transition from point A to point B with as few bumps as possible, and we are happy to share that we have been named one of their top 20 solutions.

Crozdeck, a business software discovery platform that connects buyers and sellers, created the “Top Property Management Software Products in 2020” list using the company’s ranking algorithm. Products have been vetted for relevance, and all other stats and rankings were determined algorithmically, following the Crozscore ranking methodology. The list of 20 solutions includes rental property management software, and general solutions.

Condo Control was recognized as a property management champion for its high user satisfaction, and consistent market presence. Customers who use Condo Control say they prefer this platform for its ease of use, value for money, customer service and usefulness.

In addition to winning this award, Condo Control has also been given awards for Quality Choice and Happiest Users.

Thank you, Crozdeck, for recognizing us as a software champion. We work hard to make property management simpler for others, and we are always happy to hear that our solutions are meeting expectations.

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