Characteristics of Successful Property Managers

Date Published : Nov-30-2018

Written By : Dale

A home is the biggest expense most people will ever own. In a condo building, hundreds of people trust the operational needs of their homes to a property manager. A lot is riding on their shoulders. So when selecting or becoming a condo property manager, it’s important to have the right characteristics for success.

Today, we take a look at the characteristics of successful condo property managers:


A good property manager needs to be flexible. There are a lot of moving parts in condo operations. As a result, the needs of any given day can change fast. A good property manager needs to be able to adapt as new events and issues arise. After all, day-to-day condo operations rarely stick to your initial plan.

Flexibility is more than just going with the flow. It requires intimate knowledge of the building and its going-ons. This allows for seamless changes to plans and acting proactively. One of the most important tools for flexibility is organization.


Organization is essential for every property manager. It helps you simplify day-to-day condo management tasks. So managers remain flexible while ensuring efficient operation and letting nothing slip through the cracks.

There are simply too many people, units, files, and responsibilities to allow for disorganization. Requests or packages that get lost in the shuffle result in condo complaints, and missing maintenance can mean costly repairs. It’s crucial to stay ahead, and the best way is through organization.

Taking advantage of organizational tools for property managers will help a condo run smoothly, with greater efficiency and lower costs.


A good condo manager is a good communicator. Not only do they communicate clearly, but they also respond quickly and update as necessary. It’s important that tenants are made aware of any changes with enough warning for any changes.

For example, if an elevator or common area is to close for maintenance on a set date, residents should know so they can plan their day accordingly. Taking advantage of announcement tools, like condo lobby displays , is a great way to spread the word.

One-to-one communication is important as well. It’s important to respond to requests and inquiries in a timely manner. Taking advantage of a system that creates automatic reminders and stores information can help improve reliable communication.
Keeping track of all your condo communications is a challenging task. By using condo communication tools property managers can make communication manageable and effective.


Care is an often undervalued trait when choosing a property manager . But to be truly effective, a condo manager needs to care. A condo isn’t just a large building, it represents the homes, lives, investments, and security of each resident. A good condo manager genuinely cares about the owners and takes pride in their role.

Conflict Resolution

With so many people living in one space, conflict inevitably rises from time to time. Handled properly, conflict doesn’t have to be a bad thing. A condo manager with skill in conflict resolution can turn these issues into solutions. They identify the problem, help work out a solution, and lay out a plan to prevent problems in the future.

Whether resolving disputes between condo neighbours or managing resident complaints, all condo managers have their conflict resolution skills put to the test.

Filing an incident report helps keep the information from conflict available for future reference. Incident reporting software can help property managers store information, images and details about the incident.

Tech Savvy

In today’s world, a truly successful condo manager is tech savvy. As property management evolves, taking advantage of the latest technology is the only way for managers to stay abreast of the changes. They’re expected to do more in less time at a lower cost. That’s a feat only sustainable through automation.

Today’s best condo managers are using automated property management software to simplify their job. These allow them to automate menial tasks saving them time and mental energy to focus on tasks that require their full attention. It also provides mobile access and better security.

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